Fot. Kajetan Deja

Dr. Arunima Sen

Nord University

Ecologist who specializes in chemosynthesis, the chemical equivalent to photosynthesis. She has studied both deep sea hydrothermal vents and hydrocarbon seeps, the two main types of ecosystems shaped by this process. Recently, she is exploring the contribution of this alternative food production pathway to coastal fjord systems. In the Arctic SGD project, Arunima will lead the work package on benthic (seafloor) communities to explore how they are impacted by groundwater discharge.

Dr. Aivo Lepland

Geological Survey of Norway

Senior researcher at the Geological Survey of Norway and a geochemist/marine geologist by training. He has more than 25 years of experience in studying sedimentary processes and geochemical signals as archived in authigenic minerals and marine sediments extending the entire stratigraphic record of Earth. Dr. Lepland is especially interested in deciphering the biochemical cycles of sulfur, phosphor, barium, REEs and many other elements as captured by the authigenic minerals forming at steep geochemical gradients in diagenetic realm, such as where groundwater seepage occurs.

Dr. Jochen Knies

Geological Survey of Norway

His research expertise is mainly focused on marine geological and environmental investigations along the continental margin off Northern Norway, the Barents Sea, Svalbard and the Arctic Ocean. He will be involved in WPs 2 (Geology and seafloor mapping) for the geological assessment of the investigated sites off the coast of northern Norway and Svalbard. He will be in charge of the sedimentary features characterization. Also, Dr. Knies will advise the choice of sampling sites from the Svalbard region based on his previous experience on the paleoceanography in the region.

Arctic SGD

Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Changing Arctic Region:
Scale and Biogeochemical impact

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